Use our free calculator to determine your income tax. These calculators are accurate and easy to use for quick answers to basic income tax problems.

Our tax calculators help you determine your income tax ahead of time.

It's great to know ahead of time if you're going to owe money on your income taxes or if you're getting a large income tax refund. Our calculators help you determine withholdings and potential tax returns. This is great information especially in the middle of the year when a calculator can tell you that you need more tax withheld from your income.

You can also use our calculators to estimate business tax in addition to income tax.

Our calculators can also help you with estimated business tax and sole proprietor income tax. Each calculator will ask you to fill in the appropriate income information, the tax quarter you're filing, and help you estimate the tax owed.

All you need is your W-2 forms or most recent pay stub to use our income tax calculators.

To get started, type all of your W-2 income tax information into our calculator. We offer several tax calculators to show you different dimensions of your tax liability or potential income tax refund. Our calculators are always free to use, but you are encouraged to double check figures with your income tax professional.

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