Use these calculators below to calculate employee pay or an employee paycheck. We have a calculator for almost every paycheck need, including converting hours to days and days to weeks.

What options do your paycheck calculators offer to calculate employee pay?

We have designed paycheck calculators to be versatile for employee pay so that you can best estimate: hourly employee pay, weekly employee pay, or monthly employee pay. Even if you want to convert employee pay from hours to annual income our paycheck calculators can perform that logic.

What are the most common uses for your paycheck calculators?

Our paycheck calculators often get used to calculate employee pay by loan officers who need to convert hourly employee pay to weekly or monthly employee pay. These are also useful for employers who want to estimate paychecks with our calculators when hiring an employee and trying to decide how much to pay them.

What do your paycheck calculators do for an employee?

An employee can estimate their annual pay using our paycheck calculators, or find out how much a recent pay increase will affect their paycheck and annual salary. The paycheck calculators will also help an employee determine which tax bracket they will fall in based on the current rate of pay.

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