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How do your investment calculators forecast my earnings?

Investment calculators provide a solid forecast on ROI if the baseline of data is long enough to interpret. The better your baseline of investment data, the more accurately our calculators can forecast long-term results. For instance, if you show gains on an investment before a recession and use our calculators to forecast results during a recession then your investment forecast is going to be grossly outdated.

What kind of data do you recommend to get the best investment forecast from your financial calculators?

Usually a six-month baseline of data from your investment portfolio will provide a strong forecast using that recent information. The calculators will interpret those averages and give you a solid number two make a confident investment decision. However, our investment calculators are not a replacement for good financial advice and getting a second opinion and forecast for your investment.

How do I know that your investment calculators will provide a somewhat accurate forecast?

When we built our investment calculators, we tested them against actual data and forecasts many times over. For whatever data you put in to our investment calculators the forecast results should be accurate. However, our investment calculators are not meant to be a substitute for a forecast done by professional financial advisor.

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