How much money do you need to retire? These retirement calculators are very useful to determine your cost of living and recommended money needed for retirement.

Will your retirement calculators tell me how much money I need to retire?

While our retirement calculators can't advise you on exactly how much money you need to retire, they can help you to get a ballpark figure for the money you should save to retire. Beyond our free retirement calculators, we also have partners that can help you obtain more money when you retire with programs such as reverse mortgages. It is always good to get a second opinion for what our retirement calculators recommend, as there are always unforeseen expenses when calculating money needed to retire.

When should I start calculating how much money I need to retire?

Our calculators can help determine your retirement needs at any age past the age of 18, but is a good practice to find out how much money you will need to retire in your early 30s. The sooner you start planning your retirement, the more money you will obviously have to use when you retire. You will see a dramatic illustration of this when viewing the results of our retirement calculators and comparing ranges of years.

How reliable are your retirement calculators?

The retirement calculators are accurate if you have calculated your living expenses or potential living expenses appropriately. You need to factor in that the money needed to retire can change likely within a 20 to 25% increase for expenses such as medication and care. As long as you are aggressive estimating your living expenses, the money needed to retire should be sufficiently accurate. Our retirement calculators are free as always.

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