Our car loan calculator is among the best in the Automobile industry. We have a lot of great, free automobile calculators and more coming soon.

How does your car loan calculator work?

The car loan calculator shows a simple interest automobile loan, and as with most automobile calculators, allows you to set the term of the loan in months, down payment, etc. We can help you estimate potential car loan payments and other automobile costs with our calculators.

How up to date and are your automobile calculators?

All of our automobile calculators, including the car loan calculator are consistently kept up to date with the latest automobile industry information. These car loan calculations are extremely accurate and should help you determine your potential automobile payment. Please remember, our automobile calculators are not a replacement for a bank or loan officer.

What interest rate should I calculate my car loan with?

Generally 8.9% is a good base rate for our auto loan calculator. Depending on your automobile market, calculators may vary their results.

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